Giggle Belly Urban Farm
Address: 340 Anderson St. Castle Rock, CO, 80104
Email Address:
Phone: 303-859-4649
About Us
At Giggle Belly Urban Farm, we grow a diverse array of nutritious vegetables using organic methods. We sell CSA memberships and can be found in local markets throughout Denver's south metro area. As a family oriented business we care deeply about the health and wellness of our fellow community members.

We started Giggle Belly Urban Farm in the 2018 but have been involved in growing food and food education for over a decade. We are both Colorado natives but have lived in other states learning to teach and to grow food. More recently, the driving force behind our farm is our kids. We know how important quality food is for health. Having the opportunity to engage with other families and community members is the bedrock that supports the quality of our products. We intend to get to know our customers and we hope you get to know us.
On our farm we believe that healthy soil is the first ingredient to nutritious vegetables. We are a non-mechanized, no till operation. This helps us build fertility in a way that allows us to get a lot out of small spaces. We are not a large farm by any means and this is a direct benefit to our customers. Every bag of greens and bunch of carrots is packaged by our small staff with a careful eye.

While we are not certified organic, we use organic practices. This means that we do not use any pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. In fact, we are a big fan of keeping pollinators included in our agro-ecology. We choose our crops carefully and save as much seed as is practical. This suits crops to our climate and encourages the resiliency of our farm. We do not find that we need to use any GMOs to accomplish this goal.

One of our favorite things to do is share a meal with people we love. Cooking and baking are important aspects of our lives. For this reason we choose crops with rich flavors. There is no replacement for eating vegetables that are freshly harvested and highly nutritious. We want to share this experience with our customers.