Pie-Bar Farms
Contact: Matt & Amber Barnes
Address: 503 S Frazier Ave Oberlin, KS, 67749
Email Address:
Phone: 580-301-3133
About Us
Pie-Bar Farms is a small family farm on the outskirts of Oberlin, Kansas. We raise chickens, pigs, kids, and Ollie, our Border Collie. Our farm's unique name is a blend of our names, Amber Pietz and Matt Barnes, so Pie-Bar Farms! Our family enjoys the perks of country life while having the convenience of town nearby. Raising chickens is a family affair, and our sons also exhibit their chickens in 4-H.
We produce free-range, cage-free eggs from our flock of Buff Orpington hens. Our hens roam the farm daily, foraging for insects, plants, and seeds. They are fed Nutrena commercial feed for laying hens. We also give our hens kitchen scraps, scratch grains, and oyster shells to produce a nice hard shell. We shut them in their barn every night. They have a fenced enclosure to allow plenty of opportunity for movement and fresh air while they are not free-ranging.