Pastificio Boulder
Contact: Claudia Bouvier, Ted Steen
Address: 2438 30th Street Boulder, CO, 80301
Email Address:
Phone: 646-373-1578
About Us
Founded in 2018 by Claudia Bouvier and Ted Steen, Pastificio Boulder is an
independent dried pasta brand that has quickly gained acclaim for its organic and freshly milled
heirloom wheat products. Submitted under “Grains” at this year’s Good Food Awards, the
brand’s Fusilli and Casarecce were judged among 2000+ entries in the category. Praised for
their texture and unique flavor—as well as the brand’s commitment to social and environmental
responsibility—both pastas ranked among the top high scorers across all categories.
“We are absolutely thrilled and very honored,” says Bouvier. “It is an incredible recognition of
our craft, and we are very grateful to be recognized as part of the larger movement towards ‘good
food’—a distinction we understand to mean ‘good’ in every sense: for our bodies, our
communities, our environment, biodiversity, and the planet as a whole.”
Her partner, Steen, adds: “Winning this award challenges us to continue growing the dialogue—
and the action—towards a better food system. We are part of a like-minded group of artisans
and innovators who, in close collaboration with sustainable farmers, have a unique platform to
engage with consumers and to educate them not only about heirloom grains, but also about the
larger impact of their choices as home cooks and diners.” 2022 marks the ninth Good Food
Awards ceremony organized by the Good Food Foundation 501(c)3.
Celebrating crafters, farmers, and growers across 18 categories, the winning products are
evaluated not only by taste, but also for their commitment to sustainability and social
responsibility practices. The winning products have exclusive rights to market themselves with
the Good Food Awards seal, advertising their excellence to like-minded, socially conscious
consumers. Pastificio Boulder has also won two 2021 Good Food Awards for their Rigatoni and
We are a craft pasta company primarily working with organic heirloom and ancient wheats. We
source those unique varieties of wheat regionally and collaborate with small, CO Front Range
farmers who grow them. The majority of our flour is fresh milled by us, in house. We add
artesian spring water to our flour blend - nothing else - and craft our pastas using artisanal,
Italian pasta making techniques. They are extruded in small batches, through bronze dies, then
dried slowly at low temperature. Our pastas are bursting with flavor, are nutritionally superior,
have the right, smooth texture and are more digestible. Our packaging is plastic-free, fully
recyclable, and compostable.