4B Farm LLC
Contact: Dan & Carol Buck
Address: 12008 W ROAD 110 S GRINNELL, KS, 67738
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Phone: 785-824-8052
About Us
4B Farms was established in 2006 when we moved our family to Kansas from Nebraska. We raise commercial meat goats, purebred Australian Shepherds, and Hydroponic vegetables on our 160 acres in South East Sheridan County. At this time we are only growing all natural lettuce in our greenhouse, but in the very near future we intend to expand and add tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and fruits.

4B Farms is a family run operation. Each family member has their specific jobs. Dan is in charge of production, he decides what to plant and when to plant it. Carol is the business manager and maintains the books and talks to customers. Wade is the marketing manager and is always busy finding new markets and new customers that will enjoy our produce. Shayna is the advertising manager and she is very busy coming up with new ways to advertise our business. Together we make the team that is 4B Farms.
At 4B Farms our goal is to produce healthy, all natural vegetables in a sustainable environment while conserving as much water as possible. Hydroponics saves 85% of the water that would be required to grow the same crop in the soil, and 70% of the space. This is the farming of the future and makes great sense in our drought stricken area of NW Kansas. Being in a controlled environment allows us to grow our vegetables with no pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides. Our produce is all NON- GMO, and does not contain any soy or soy by-products. Our produce does not ever touch the soil, wildlife cannot contaminate it, thus allowing a much safer product for your family without the concern for e-coli or salmonella that has been a problem with soil grown vegetables.