C & C Gardens
Contact: Colleen Simon
Address: 18500 Road 30 1/2 Stratton, CO, 80836
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Phone: 719-348-5046
About Us
C&C Gardens is a large, traditional garden located on the eastern plains of Colorado. I till and plant into the fertile soil here on the farm using organic fertilizers and companion plantings to deter insects. What I grow and sell is what I put on the table for my family and grandkids. It is the freshest most chemical free produce and eggs available.
Our products come straight from our small family farm located on the eastern plains of Colorado.

My vegetable produce is usually available late May or early June, it just depends on the weather because my gardens is the old fashion kind, planted outside in the soil. I grow a variety of vegetables starting in the spring with spinach and lettuces and ending in the fall with your usual winter squashes. With deliveries scheduled every week in the summer, you get the freshest, most chemical-free produce available. I am able to harvest the day before delivery and usually continue to harvest through mid-September if Mother Nature cooperates!

As for eggs, my chickens are cage free and have a large pen to run around in. We can't let them wander the farm due to our three large dogs (who keep predators at bay) but they do have lots of sunshine and space to run. They are an eclectic mix of egg laying birds that are fed a mix of grains raised here on the farm; corn, milo, wheat and sunflowers. There is no soy in their feed. The chickens enjoy a varied diet in the summer since they get lots of produce from the gardens.