East Denver Food Hub
Address: 5080 Paris St Denver, CO, 80239
Email Address:
Phone: 330-418-0491
About Us
The East Denver Food Hub, co-founded in 2020 by David Demerling and Roberto Meza, is a social enterprise working to develop a resilient, equitable, and compassionate local food (eco)system based on equity and inclusion, environmental stewardship, sustainable technologies, and private/public partnerships. EDFH is committed to building a model for local food aggregation and distribution, as well as educating the public on the value of supporting and investing in local farms. We work to demystify food supply chains, address food insecurity, support the viability of local agriculture, and develop community wealth-building initiatives to promote economic justice in our communities.
In partnership with High Plains Food Co-op and Front Range farmers, we provide farm fresh food for our community and promote equity and inclusion in our local food system.