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Speedwell Farm & Gardens
Contact: Cody Jurbala and Melissa Ogilvie
City: Longmont, CO,
Phone: 720-253-2200
About Us
Speedwell Farm & Gardens is a small-scale diverse vegetable farm owned and operated by Cody Jurbala and Melissa Ogilvie. We are located at the Treehouse Farm Collective, just north of Boulder Colorado. On our farm we are committed to regenerative and organic practices, as well as minimal tillage and use of heavy machinery. You can find our food through our CSA program and at restaurants in Boulder and Denver.

Cody Jurbala and Melissa Ogilvie are the owners and operators of Speedwell Farm & Gardens. Cody and Melissa began Speedwell in 2017 by converting leased back yards in Boulder, Colorado into micro-farm plots. Due to the difficulties of land access for young farmers, leasing back yard space was the only to way begin farming without immense monetary input in their initial years. Since then, they have grown their business to a 1.25 acre farm located at the Treehouse Farm Collective just north of Boulder. Together they manage every aspect of the farm. From planting and harvesting, to marketing and sales, they do it all. They are passionate about providing food to their community in ways that are less damaging to the environment than large-scale mainstream agriculture, and creating community resilience through connecting people to where their food comes from.
We never use chemical pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. Instead, we use local compost, mineral amendments, crop rotation and hand tools to add fertility and increase our soil’s longevity. In addition to growing vegetables we are passionate about creating a healthy environment for pollinators, birds, snakes and wildlife of all kinds.