Marble Tree Farm
Contact: Elmer and Dorothy Kellner
Address: 1565 US Highway 36 Saint Francis, KS, 67756
Email Address:
Phone: 785-332-2950
About Us
In 1980 the Kellner family purchased a small acreage just outside Saint Francis, Kansas. Knowing the best way to maintain a family’s health is to eat vegetables, fruit and meat grown in a sustainable manner, we started with a small garden patch and over the years have expanded to nearly a dozen large garden spaces. Although we are not Certified Organic because of the mountain of paperwork required, we would otherwise qualify as organic as we have not had any pesticides or chemical fertilizers applied to our grounds since we moved here. We use heavy mulching to keep the weeds under control while adding compost to the soil to keep the helpful organisms healthy and working for us. <
The name of the farm developed from my early childhood experiences watching my Dad and Uncles planting seeds. Each year they would put seeds in the ground and eventually harvest a lot more than they planted! I decided if I would plant my marbles, I could grow a tree and pick lots of marbles to share with my friends. Needless to say, the marbles were a crop failure. And yet, every year I am still amazed as I watch the bounty gleaned from the garden which comes from planting just a few seeds in the ground!
Sustainably produced vegetables and fruits. No chemical fertilizers or pesticides used on the gardens EVER. We use organic straw (from RJ Klie Organics, another fine HPFC producer)to mulch between rows to control weeds and add fertility to the soil. We include flowers among our gardens to invite pollinators for our fruits and veggies while encouraging predator species to control pests.