Krien Family Meats
Contact: Blake and Cassondra Krien
Address: 1475 Rd 15 St. Francis, KS, 67756
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Phone: 785-332-6425
About Us
Our place is located right on the East side of Saint Francis. Our place is just a little over two acres and is perfect for feeding lambs. We have enough room that we also feed a few head of cattle every year. We are a small family operation but I believe small operations have as good or better quality products in the end. Our goal is to provide the consumer with the highest quality of meat possible at an affordable price.
We buy our lambs as young feeder lambs ranging in weight from 30-40 pounds. The lambs are processed between 80-90 pounds. We buy hair sheep breeds which are smaller bodied compared to the traditional wool sheep breeds which is why they are processed at a lighter weight. We start them on a pellet and hay ration and finish them on a corn and hay ration. We buy the corn from our local feed store here in Saint Francis (may contain gmo corn). The only shot we give the lambs is the vitamin C D and tetanus. We worm the lambs one time right after we buy them.