Hoganville Family Farms
Address: 520 High St. Baldwin City, KS, 66006
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Phone: 785-259-1082
About Us
100% history since 1894 made on Hoganville Family Farm. Our family has been making sauerkraut FOREVER Ray Rome started making the family recipe in 1984 in Oberlin, KS 250 miles east of Denver. Over the years we received compliments from friends stating how much they liked it. And when Jeff, a founding member of Hoganville Family Farms, flew alongside another pilot who encouraged him to get it out there commercially, he looked into it more. And thus, Hoganville Family Farms was born in 2011 in Baldwin City, KS.
Once you take your first bite of Hoganville Family Farms sauerkraut, you know it's completely different than other sauerkraut. Naturally fermented and vinegar free our sauerkraut has only three ingredients: cabbage, salt, and water. You will find a mild flavor and crunchy texture. Cabbage is grown in Brighton, CO.