Serendipity Farmstead
Contact: Scott and Melissa Holt
City: Hot Springs, SD,
Email Address:
Phone: 605-223-1125
About Us
Serendipity Farmstead is all about healthy food from rich soil and healthy animals. We practice balance – plants can’t grow without animals and animals can’t grow without plants. When done properly, there is no need for chemicals for any reason. We have farmed this way for the past 6 years and our customers can taste the difference!
We believe that “you are what you eat, eats”. So we raise pastured grass fed beef and yak, pastured pork and lamb, pastured chicken and free range eggs. All our animals are free range supplemented with non GMO grains, allowing them free choice of food and plenty of room for exercise. Our 27 acre pasture supplies a diverse menu of grasses, legumes and bugs for our critters to enjoy.