Kiowa Red Angus Beef
Contact: Mike & Dawn Nordby
Address: 20681 County Road N Lyman, NE, 69352
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Phone: 308-787-1678
About Us
We have been in the cattle business for 30 years, raising registered Red Angus Cattle. We feed out our steers on a yearly basis.16 years ago we applied for a USDA label, so we could resale our beef at the local Farmers Market.

We currently only resale our "Forage Fed" (grass fed) animals. We feel the natural tenderness and flavor of the Red Angus are the right animals for the table.
Our calves are born usually in the Spring. They are given their initial Vaccination with in the first 72 hours. Then in late May/early June we brand and the 2nd vaccinations are given. The mother cows and Heifers are wormed and re-vaccinated at this time. We do not castrate any calves at this time as we sell approximately 15-20 bulls a year. All of the cattle are out on pasture for the summer. During the drought years the cattle were supplemented with hay as needed. Winter months the cattle get Grass alfalfa hay, grass hay, they may get millet hay, sorghum sudan grass hay also. They have access to pasture areas at this time but hay is the main feed they receive.

In early October we wean our calves. They are kept in large pens and fed ground hay, baled hay, or forage hay( grain crops with stems and leaves, that were not harvested, like Barley, Rye, Triticale, Oat, or Sorghum) They are given free access to Natural protein tubs and Free choice mineral. Calves naturally may show signs of sickness at this time. They are treated with the most effective antibiotic for the problem. Then approximately 20 days after weaning we give their 3rd vaccination, change ear tag numbers from their calf number to their adult number and they are given their first worming treatment (Ivermectin back pour). At this time we make some initial decisions as to who will remain a bull and who won't. They are then kept in for another 15-20 days just to make sure they have no lingering illness.

From here they are returned to the pasture. We start supplemental feeding all the cattle as soon as it is deemed necessary. The cattle have natural protein tubs along with mineral in the pastures December through Late February.

We use manure from the pens, for fertilizer on the fields that need the most organic matter at the time. We drag all of our pastures in the spring to break up the manure accumulation in the hay pastures and fields. We used Hydra-Humic acid and Prevaid ( a surfactant with enzyme enhancement for the micro-organisms in the soil) this year on our pivot to help the available water be better utilized. Weeds are sprayed as needed. Animals are not in any of the pastures when they are sprayed. Withdrawal recommendations for the specific chemicals are met or exceeded.

We attempt to produce as clean a beef product as we can. Any animals that are harvested have had NO hormonal implants and exceed any withdrawal times for any medications used. If there is a cost effective Natural choice for the products our animals come in contact with, we utilize it. No Hormones, steroids, or free fed antibiotics are used. Antibiotics are only used on a case by case situation. The most effective product is used for the least amount of time to ensure the health of the animal.

Cattle Processing provided by Double J Meats, Pierce, Colorado.(USDA certified plant)