Farmer Gavin's Farm Fresh Eggs
Address: 16207 County Rd 40 Bethune, CO, 80805
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Phone: 719-340-1849
About Us
My name is Gavin Ruhs and I am 11 years old. My sister Peyton (13) and brother Ragan (6) and I have an egg business. I always wanted chickens so I purchased 13 laying hens in 2015. We have grown from those original 13 chickens to 170 laying hens! I love my chickens and we do our chores every morning early before school and then we gather the eggs when we get home from school. On our days off we clean our coops, and my sister learns how to keep the books and I have learned how to build coops as we have needed several. Our parents help us everyday by cleaning the eggs and packaging them. Mom delivers 3 days a week to our customers locally and we set up at our local farmers market during the summer on Saturday mornings. We make all business decisions as a family, Mom and Dad gather all the facts and research, we discuss it and then we kids make the decisions. We have learned a lot about running a business and responsibility. We were not able to meet the local demand with 100 chickens I ordered last spring so I bought and raised 50 more chicks which have started laying just this spring and now we have plenty to share with you! My sister Peyton has started baking and has some yummy options available on the coop. Peyton has wanted to open a bakery since we sat one summer at a Farmers Market and she learned to make new items each week. Her dream came true this spring when she got her Cottage Foods Certificate and she has been busy baking since then for local customers and for you. She is always looking for the next recipe to try and is excited to share them with you!

Our chickens are in mobile coops that we pull around our yard so they are always on fresh grass. They have a super large run that they can run and play in as well as a slide that they go in and out of their coops with. They have a swing in the coop for those chickens who don't prefer to run around all day. Where we live it is not safe for our chickens to roam free but they are very happy chickens. We feed them Colorado Soy feed along with non-GMO wheat and milo we raise on our farm. Our uncle raises the alfalfa for us and we always keep a bale available to them which they LOVE! We have a friend that runs a saw mill and they provide us with fragrant shavings for our chickens and they love to roll around and play in them.