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The Glory Farm
Contact: Jorge Soto Nicaguara Plantation
Address: P.O. Box 5 28880 Randolph Blvd Randolph, MN, 55065
Phone: 150-210-7778
About Us
Finaca La Gloria (The glory Farm) is a modest but growing family owned coffee producer in Nicaragua. The Glory Farm has a strategic short range goal for both of our crops to be
certified "Rainforest alliance" which has as its Standard of Sustainable Agriculture Practices: social and environmental management, ecosystem conservation, protection of wildlife, water resource conservation, fair and just conditions for workers, occupational health and security, community relations, integrated management of crops, soil conservation management and integrated waste management. After obtaining this certification, our next goal is to obtain organic certification for the farm that is principally dedicated to the production of Cardamon. At the moment we are only in the beginning stages and realize that this process carries with it costs for adapting infrastructure and administration. Even so, we also know that the certifications have the particular result of the sustainability of our farm, the environment the community, in that they improve economic income for the benefit of the company, its workers, and the community in general. We have the finest coffee and other products in the region with the richest flavor due to the way we grow our crops. No pesticides, no herbicides, no chemicals and all natural fertilizers. We believe in taking care of the land that has taken care of our families throughout the generations, and this is our home and our land we have been blessed with.
It is the earth that gives us life, we give back to the earth what she has given to us by using all natural fertilizers without any commercial products.

All the coffee offering are being provided started as 1)Green Beans, Roasted to Medium or to dark levels. Typically we have all in stock year round. The early reports from this years cupping show that the coffee bean offerings are being rated once again in the 80's. Why that high again? The coffee, is de pulped daily and the beans are picked as they ripen. Many other plantations pickers do just one or two picking times.

The Story of SANTA MARTHA "Drink Coffee = Give Water. The coffee growers of Santa Matha are our friends who we visit often, We sell their coffee in order to support community development, assisting with holistic and organic growing practices, water sanitation, applied technologies and education. By drinking this coffee you help to improve the lives of over 100 families. For every bag of coffee sold $2.00 goes to the "clean water supply project". This is to help supply the village with clean drinking water.