Contact: Nina & Jeter Isely
Address: 2255 Road T Bird City, KS, 67731
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Phone: 785-734-2380
About Us

We own ~1,110 organic acres mostly in wheat, forage, pastures and our organic hoop house and gardens in Northwest Kansas. We are committed to providing good food for our families to eat and would like to extend the opportunity to others.

In addition to our organic wheat and produce from our gardens and high tunnel, we have grass fed and grass finished beef from our herd of registered Belted Galloway cattle (Belties). This uncommon breed produces perfect beef (Financial Times of London). Please note that grass fed Beltie beef such as ours shows the following (100 grams - rib eye cut to 0" fat):
Beltie calories 119 vs. 274,
Beltie fat calories 27 vs 234 for commercial,
Beltie total fat 3g vs. 22g for GMO commercial,
Beltie cholesterol 11.3 mg vs. 73! offset by
Beltie protein 23g vs. commercial 17.5g.
The healthy meat is made possible by the breed's double fur coat that replaces the typical back fat in other cattle. Our "Oreo" cows grow a bit slower than common commercial cattle; moreover, they live on our organic pastures.

The Y Knot Ranch is a certified organic family operation with organic wheat, organic produce, and organic pastures. We manage our land with the future in mind, and have been Organic since 2010. While our cattle and horses are first in line for our organic forage, we do not have the farmland balance needed to have our grass fed beef be 100% organic. Hence, we run natural grass feed beef - but it is not certified organic. Additionally, in the interest of disclosure, our horses like peppermints and our cows like to be hand feed natural range cubes. If you are interested in a tour, please contact us.