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Wright Enterprises
Contact: Dennis and Don Wright
Address: PO Box 88 Bird City, KS, 67731
Phone: 785-734-7044
About Us
Wright Enterprises is located in Bird City, Kansas, and was founded by Don and Dennis Wright a father and son team who are also partners in operating the family farm. Wright Enterprises is located on the original homestead. With the help of their wives, Donna and Dana, the operation is completely family operated.

How We Got Started
Being a fourth generation family farm we have raised a variety of crops. With the times changing, we felt a need to diversify our operation. We chose to grow a product instead of just a commodity. We wanted to offer a fresh natural product straight to the customer from our farm to your table.
We are a father and son team who use no-til farming practices. We prefer no-till in order to maintain the health of the soil. Farming in a low rainfall environment is essential to conserve moisture when possible. No-till keeps the soil covered slowing transpiration in the summer months, also allowing the roots to decay naturally in the soil helps the soil's water holding capacity.

Our product has the following advantages due to the cold press process in which we produce our oil:
- High in Vitamin E
- Non-GMO
- Great for skin and hair
- Free from trans-fat
- Retains bold flavor & unique natural aroma

Like all unrefined oils, our oil can be used in the following ways:
- Frying (lower temperatures recommended due to low smoke point)
- Cooking
- Baking (may carry a nutty flavor through)
- Salad Dressing
- Making Popcorn
- Skin and Hair moisturizer

Our Process
It all starts with the sunflowers, which we grow ourselves. Once harvested the sunflowers are stored until needed. From there the seeds are cleaned and cold pressed in our facility. After which the oil is then pushed through a one micron filter to remove any sediment. The oil is then bottled. All of this is done right on the family farm.