Prairie Opal Ranch
Contact: Matt & Tanya Schlepp
Address: 36794 County Road 11 Wray , CO, 80758
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Phone: 719-343-3111
About Us

We started our grass fed beef operation with a small herd of cattle and currently, we manage 200+ head of cattle that cross graze approximately 2,000 acres of grass land pastures year round. We utilize a timed grazing plan that keeps us moving cattle to new grass each week. All of our cattle are 100% grass fed and grass finished. We abide by strict regulations to bring you a true grass fed only animal. No grains. No antibiotics. No Hormones. EVER! Please check out our website for more information at

We then decided we wanted to raise fresh chickens, turkeys, pigs & eggs. We started our pastured chicken tractors in the spring of 2020 with approximately 200 cornish cross meat chickens, then set up an open air processing area to process our own chickens a couple times a year throughout the summer. We loved the idea of making our chickens, turkeys, pork, and eggs a little more healthy, by cutting out soy and GMOs. We knew there would be many health benefits associated with doing this practice.

We currently have 50+ laying hens that work really hard to produce some beautiful multicolored eggs for us and our customers. They lay delicious eggs while having the freedom to forage in fresh air and sunshine. Our chickens get to spend all day outside and eat bugs, grass, weeds, seeds, roots, veggies, flowers & much more to then go into their cozy coop to sleep at night. Oh, and don't forget those awesome fresh dirt baths!! My girls love their dirt baths.

We knew right away that we wanted to build a regenerative & sustainable ranch when we started this journey. We knew that we wanted to eat food that we raised ourselves, that is full of nutrients and flavor – that tastes amazing and makes us feel good – and all the while having a positive impact on animals and soil. We take pride in knowing our animals are well cared for and happy. Loved animals equal happy customers.

The future is bright here at Prairie Opal Ranch & we look forward to sharing our fresh products with you for years to come. Visit us at and be sure to sign up for email updates on the contact us page. Happy Eating!
We practice regenerative ranching for grass-eating animals. We want to mimic how animals lived in the wild before industrialized ranching took hold. We aim to boost microbial activity, carbon retention and water infiltration in soil. We are sustainable by practicing rotational/managed grazing programs with our beef & chickens, building wildlife friendly habitats and bringing in beneficial insects & animals. We work hard here to provide a future for our children and future generations to come.