Back to Nature Farm
Address: 1335 County Road 19 Fremont, NE, 68025
Phone: 402-720-0593
About Us
NEW OWNERS, but still the same great quality products you’ve grown to enjoy and love. We are excited
to have teamed up with Back to Nature Farms to grow and expand it to the next level. We are a small
family farm near Fremont, NE raising the pastured poultry. We will be working with the same great Kansas
producer, previous owner of Back to Nature Farms, Joshua Cashman, to source our beef and pork
products. The cows will spend time on our Nebraska farms to graze multi-species cover crops in the fall
and winter months along with the awesome Kansas grass pastures as well.

Back to Nature Farms is a full-scale farm to table operation that raises 100% grass-fed beef and pastured
pork and chicken. You, the customer, needs to know how the animals are raised, what they are fed and
if they are given antibiotics and hormones. Helping to raise these animals ensures that we are providing
the best possible products to YOU! We make a point to ensure our animals are happy, healthy and
given plenty of room to graze. We implement sustainability by utilizing regenerative agricultural
practices and principles. We partake in rotational grazing in order to revitalize our soils and better our
environment. The animals are frequently moved between paddocks with time between grazings to
allow for proper plant and root recovery and regrowth. This process mimics the way the wild herds of
bison moved across the grasslands generations ago.

Our Red and Black Angus beef is dry-aged to infuse flavor and tenderness that is not found in all places.
Our cattle are 100% grass-fed and finished. Our hogs are a heritage breed that are known for their
amazing flavor and marbling. Our pasture raised broilers are on grass and alfalfa where they are moved
daily, free to eat bugs, scratch the earth and do anything a chicken is naturally inclined to do. All of this
combined makes for the most nutrient dense meat. In turn, this makes you the customer healthier!
Our farms only administer antibiotics as needed in very rare cases for the animals’ well-being. If the
animal has been given antibiotics, a notch is placed in its identification tag and it is removed from our
meat program. No steroids, hormones or byproducts are EVER given.