S&W birds
Address: 70364 nw 90th ave Byers, KS, 67021
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Phone: 620-770-2668
About Us
We started our farm 25 years ago selling eggs. We then started raising laying hens and have shipped all over the United States. We have moved into meat birds after a high demand from my customers. We specialize in Cornish cross chickens that grow up to 7 lbs in 8-10 weeks. And broad breasted turkeys these birds can grow up to 30 lbs.
We practice free range birds and do not use steroids or medication for anything. We also use non GMO feed to give are birds the most nutrients as possible. We believe it is important to know what you are consuming in your food. We also believe it is highly important to know what are birds are consuming in thier bodies as well. All birds are processed at a USDA processor were it is inspected to insure you are getting best quality of meat possible.