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Address: 142 Rainbow Dr #4214 livingston, TX, 77399
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Phone: 402-278-0155
About Us
I have spent the last 6 years studying and learning the methods and tech involved in growing mushrooms in a farm setting. Mushroom production is one of the fastest growing markets in the World and the United States. Benefits of eating mushrooms are being recognized by Health Specialist and the Medical Industry as they have been shown to have benefits to one’s health. In addition, they are a renewable product which benefits the environment by reducing agricultural waste to a organic compost that is highly sought after in Greenhouses and other areas for its high compost nutrition.Our business is small, but we are going to grow. Our Five-year plan is based on one of steady growth and providing a High-Quality Product for the Consumer
Practices: Proven Tech in growing and producing mushrooms in a sustained way using Sustainable Products. Certified Spawn from Certified Growers and Spawn Banks.

Maintain Produce Safety Regulations and Guidelines: Produce Safety Rule Safety Certificate (KSU),and Employee Training following Produce Safety Guidelines and Requirements. City Well Water Untreated. But State Tested for Quality and Contamination Free Verification on a Monthly Basis.