Private Pantry Produce
Contact: Wade Hanes
Address: PO BOX 144 po 144 Stratton, NE, 69043
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Phone: 402-278-0155
About Us
Hi.. We are pleased to introduce ourselves and provide you with some of the finest produce and selections of produce around...We practice Regenerative Sustainablilty free of any Pesticides and Herbicides our Produce Market Gardens are rotated to where they will be used every 3 years and a New regenerated and well rested land is used. This allows the ground to repair itsdelf and regenerate the microbial balance just as nature intends it to do.
Currently we are uding 3 acres of Crop Ground that has been out of service for 10 years and has been allowed to revert to a natural state this ground is full of microbial life from earthworms to microbial webbing you can se in the soil and smell pure natural richness.
This allows us to provide some of the most pure Nature growen product on the market today and we understand your interest in eating healthy fresh vegatables barring any chemical additives.
In addition we continue to expand our Mushroom Products with some additions of New Strains and products to allow you to experience some of the finest Mushrooms avilable to market today. Our promise to you is you will continue to receive a well balanced and nutritious product from our Farm to your Pantry.. This is something my wife and I strive to do inour household and it is something we fill all people should have the oppurtunity to experience FRESH PRODUCE GROWEN NATURES WAY.

We not only respect the needs and desires of you and ourselves with Nstural Produce but include that philosiphy in the packagweing we use Most if not all our produce packageing is COMPASTABLE and if unable to provide or find such, at a minimum it will be BIODEGRADABLE.
Practices: Proven Tech in growing and producing mushrooms in a sustained way using Sustainable Products. Certified Spawn from Certified Growers and Spawn Banks.
New and interesting ways of developing a better product for the Table that exceeds Organic Practices in both Quality and Sustainability with out using any unnatural chemical additives to produce a product.

Maintain Produce Safety Regulations and Guidelines: Produce Safety Rule Safety Certificate (KSU),and Employee Training following Produce Safety Guidelines and Requirements. City Well Water Untreated. But State Tested for Quality and Contamination Free Verification on a Monthly Basis.