Becky' Bierocks
Contact: Rebecca Roberson
Address: 306 S College St. Francis, KS, 67756
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Phone: 785-332-3120
About Us

What is a BIEROCK?
A sandwich containing a filling of ground meat(s), fresh chopped cabbage, onions and spices. This filling is enclosed within a yeast dough outside shell. We make the filling and dough fresh each work day. No preservatives are used. The bierocks are individually frozen overnight, packaged and returned to the freezer. We deliver frozen.
Easy to heat either in the microwave or oven. A complete healthy meal!
We make 3 "flavors"
Hamburger with American Cheese- 100% ground beef -top seller
German Brand Sausage - 2/3 ground beef, 1/3 ground pork - my favorite!
Hamburger - 100% Ground Beef
All Bierocks are made with lean ground meats. Meats in the Bierocks are from RJ Klie Organics. Hamburger with Cheese and Hamburger are made with ground beef. German Sausage is made with a combination of 2/3 ground beef and 1/3 ground pork and my own handcrafted German seasoning. This is not a 'spicy' product - my favorite - with a nice combination of flavors! The vegetables are chopped and brought in fresh each week.
Our yeast dough contains unbleached and whole wheat flours, whole eggs, butter, sugar, and other ingredients. Just like Grandma used to make - in fact that is the recipe we use!
The Bierocks are produced in a FSIS/USDA Meat Inspected Facility under the supervision of an on site inspector. They are sent off and tested periodically in USDA labs. Daily cooking, baking and cooling temperatures are taken and recorded to insure the quality and safety of the product.

Each day the meat is browned and then the vegetables and seasonings are added and it is steamed until the cabbage is cooked. The filling is drained and cooled. The dough is also made fresh daily. Bierocks are hand assembled, formed and baked fresh daily. Individually frozen overnight, bagged and packed in the boxes, ready for sale and returned to the freezer waiting delivery.