Sramek Family Farm
Address: 112 S 4th Atwood, KS, 67730
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Phone: 785-626-6082
About Us
Sramek Family Farm is located in Rawlins County Kansas, along and near the NE/KS/CO borders and 235 miles east of Denver on Highways 34 and 36. First homestead in 1888 Vaclav and Catherine Sramek and four young sons moved to Rawlins County, Kansas, from Bohemia, Czechoslovakia, on the North Fork of Driftwood Creek were they built a sod house about ΒΌ mile south of the Kansas-Nebraska state line. Sons Joseph and James homesteaded sections 1 mile to the east and 1 mile southeast in 1916-17 the same year they assisted in the building of the Saint Johns Catholic Church 6 miles to the SW, where the family still are members. Through another three generations of farmers the Joseph and James Sramek homesteads are remains in operation by Sramek Family Farm brothers Aaron, Chris and Joseph and sisters Jeni and Jolene. As a wish of their parents Ivan and Mary to provide a place for her children and grandchildren to buy locally grown "healthy" foods, raise their own livestock and maybe in the future be an avenue for one or more then to return to the farm and raise their families. Sramek Family Farm became a founding member of the co-op in 2008 raising free range poultry and a few pork along with raising conventional wheat and milo and a herd of Angus cows.
Free range poultry and pork supplemented with locally grown and processed milo and soybeans with no hormones or antibiotic additives. Pigs get a healthy portion of their diets from eggs not able to sell though the co-op and local markets.