Circle 7 meats
Address: 8025 RD Q Atwood, KS, 67730
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Phone: 785-538-2410
About Us
Circle 7 Meats was started by Lincoln & Brenda Pochop and Gerard & Anita Pochop. Together we run Pochop Farm & Ranch and Pochop Farm & Ranch Angus. We raise corn, wheat, pea's, oats, and cane for crops. On the cattle side, we raise pure bred Angus for seed stock, commercial Angus and F1 cross baldies (Angus x Hereford). We have a fall herd and a spring herd. We raise all of our animals with great care and have a very low stress handling environment anytime we are around or working with the cattle. We background all of our calves for approximately 60 days prior to weaning. Every year we raise around 15 head for slaughter that customers purchase 1/4, 1/2, and full beef. We started a new venture with selling beef sticks. These sticks are made by and award winning meat loocker plant in Kennsington, KS. These beef sticks are healthy and a great snack for anyone. We want to thank all of our customers and future customers for picking us to provide you with home grown, hormone-free, and quality beef.
We are a low stress handling facility and BQA certified. We are a hormone free cattle operation. Every animal is home grown and never leaves our care. We raise all cattle from birth to slaughter. You can put your trust in us to raising high quality Angus beef.