AJCM Wachsmann Farms
Contact: Justin & Amy Wachsmann
Address: 39539 Road 13 Wray, CO, 80758
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Phone: 785-772-5729
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phone: (785) 772-5729

Wachsmann Farms is located on the Klie farm on the Colorado/ Kansas border. This is a certified organic farm and we raise our vegetables, and poultry organically. However the vegetables and poutry ARE NOT CERTIFIED organic. We believe in growing healthy animals and nutritious vegetables. My wife Amy and our kids Connor and Morgan enjoy helping gather eggs daily and also are a huge help in the garden from planting, weeding, and harvesting! All of our birds are fed a NON SOY, NON GMO certified organic feed. We do not use any chemicals or commercial fertilizers in the garden other than manure from the certified organic cattle and farm of RJ Klie Organics and manure from the birds.
We raise everything organically although they are NOT certified organic. No chemicals, pesticides, or herbicides are used. We only use manure to fertilize our garden. Our vegetables come straight from the garden into refrigeration as needed and then are packaged for delivery to you the consumer. Our chickens are all Heritage breeds and their subsequent cross breeds brooded by our hens right here on the farm. We have a mixture of egg colors from white, tan/ beige, dark brown, and even some green eggs. Our ducks are a variety of different breeds all chosen for egg production and also egg color. Our geese are Embden, White and Brown Chinese. They all have access to pools in which the ducks and geese enjoy swimming and splashing each other, and any chicken that gets close enough! The guineas enjoy roaming the farm and trees in search of bugs to eat. Our quail are confined to oversized cages, but we plan to build a large enclosure for them in the future. All of the birds are fed a NON SOY, NON GMO Certified Organic feed, and no antibiotics are used. The poultry has all been started on a Poultry Starter crumble, then a Grower pellet, and then a Laying pellet. These feeds contain Organic corn, Organic canola meal, Organic peas, Organic wheat, Ground limestone, Organic sun-dried alfalfa, Organic flaxseed, Sodium calcium Aluminosilicate, sodium aluminosilicate, monocalcium phosphate, Organic kelp meal, Diatomaceous earth, salt, DL-Methionine, choline chloride, Organic flavors (garlic, horseradish, anise oil, juniper berry oil), aspergillus niger fermentation, ferrous sulfate, manganous oxide, zinc oxide, niacin supplement, copper sulfate, vitamin E supplement, sodium selenite, calcium pantothenate, vitamin A supplement, biotin, riboflavin supplement, vitamin D3 supplement, pyridoxine hydrochloride, menadione nicotinamide bisulfite, vitamin B12 suppllement, ethylenediamine dihydriodide, and folic acid. They also have free choice Certified Organic grains raised here on the farm (wheat, triticale, oats, milo). They also free range in the yard grazing on grass and weeds. They are also provided free choice oyster shell for thicker egg shells and grit to aid in digestion.