Fresh Pick Farm
Contact: Michael & Vickie Egner
Address: 10752 South Road 140w Grinnell, KS, 67738
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Phone: 785-824-3232
About Us
We are a 100% family owned and operated Farming and Ranching operation.

In 2005 we purchased our 70 acre farm and began a long journey repairing a farm that had been neglected for decades. After years of the farm being rented to others, we ended the practice of someone else doing the farming. Renters didn't worry about what the land was like the next year.

With little experience we began reclaiming the soil that was eroded replanting native grasses in the pastures and eliminating the use of chemicals from the land.

We fertilize our crop fields with manure from our cattle and our garden from our chickens.

We have Free Range chickens that go anywhere on the property and that controls bugs and weeds so we don't need to use pesticides. All of our chickens are bred,hatched and raised here on the farm. We also breed rare chickens and chickens that are listed by The livestock conservancy as endangered. So our eggs come in many different colors.

We run a small cow/calf herd and we do some small select custom finish feeding. We have chosen to limit our finish feeding to allow us to focus on providing highest quality of life for all of our animals and provide wholesome sustainable meat.
Fresh Pick Farms is a 100% family operation. We farm wheat,corn and sorghum using sustainable practices without the use of chemicals.

Our chickens are free range so they can harvest what mother nature provides.Our chickens enjoy the freedom to free range all day long. We open the coops when the sun comes up and the ladies choose what they want to eat, from greens, plant seeds, insects and any other natural forage they choose. We also provide them with a free choice of all natural feed that we grow and mix our-self. We have taken the extra steps and are licensed by the Department of Agriculture to inspect and grade for size and quality to provide our customers with the highest quality of free range farm fresh eggs. We hand wash and inspect each egg before packaging. Then we send them direct to the customer. Our customer’s satisfaction is our goal.

Our pasture poultry are in pens that we move to fresh grass so we can provide sunshine and fresh grass every day, while giving our young chickens protection form the predators we share our farm with.
Our chickens are processed and USDA inspected at High Plains Poultry in Atwood, KS to maintain the highest standards of humane treatment and food safety.

Our cattle are all on pasture and we only need to feed them during the winter. We are not certified organic but we use all natural approach to the feeding of all of our animals. We grow all of our feed to insure that our animals get the best feed possible.