Rowdy Stickhorse
Address: 7220 s. 174th douglas, OK, 73733
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Phone: 580-336-1830
About Us
The Rink family lives on the family farm outside of Covington Oklahoma.

We enjoy being a hands-on company.
All of our products are truly hand crafted in a converted barn right here on the farm. And we believe you will be pleased with the quality of our products.

Our special blends of herbs and Essential oils come from years of being a certified clinical aromatherapist and medicinal aromatherapist, combined with years of blending experience. We hand make EVERYTHING ourselves.

My Girls (my goats) and I work hard everyday to produce the best products we can possibly provide. They provide me with the basis for my soaps and other products, in return I provide them with a happy healthy life, with unconditional love. I'm sure the love goes both ways.

Remember a true soap crafter can blend the right oils with the right herbs and whala masterpiece.

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