The Satisfiers
Contact: Joe & Cathy Broeckelman
Address: 703 W. 6th Street Selden, KS, 67757
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Phone: 785-386-4520
About Us
We started our business in 1990 when after making a batch of cookies, my husband commented that they were so good we ought to be selling them. After looking into selling the baked cookies, we couldn't see a way to keep them fresh without delivering every few days to the stores or adding preservatives. During the night, we both woke up with the idea of selling the dough frozen, and everything just fell into place. We credit the Lord with giving this to us.

Our homemade cookie doughs, nut clusters and pancake/biscuit mix are made just like you would at home, but with the convenience of ready to use. The HOMEMADE COOKIE DOUGHS are good ol' homemade cookies that you bake at your convenience. Just thaw, shape and bake! Dough can be partially thawed and bake a pan at a time, refreezing the rest or refrigerating for a couple of weeks. The PANCAKE/BISCUIT MIX just needs milk for biscuits or milk & egg for pancakes. Our HOMEMADE NUT CLUSTERS are perfect gift of good taste--for someone else or yourself!! Each cluster is hand dipped and loaded with nuts.
Our hogs are raised the old fashioned way, on dirt, so they can root as God intended them to. They have plenty of room to move, fresh air and fresh water. We feed them with a balanced ration specific to their development using probiotics and dry distiller grains (which may contain GMO Grain) as a part of their feed, along with corn and soybean meal (may be GMO), and minerals to provide you with a flavorful product. Almost all grains today are hybrids, which are modified in some way through crossbreeding as a means of improving performance of the crop. The sausage does contain MSG. We will not, and can not, use any hormones as USDA has not approved any for use in swine. Let's face it the USA has the best, and safest, food in the world! Thank you for your future business!!