Vaja Greens
Contact: Jose Varela
Address: 24131 us hwy 385 Holyoke, CO, 80734
Email Address:
Phone: 303-408-2141
About Us
We are a family owned small farm located in Holyoke, CO. We have a 3500 sq ft growing space inside our greenhouse plus 600 sqft fish house, we grow our lettuce and tomatoes in aquaponics. We also grow red tilapia
We are NOT certify organic but all of our practises are.
We grow our produce in aquaponic with no chemicals or fertilizers. We only use what is available from mother nature. For example instead of using pesticides we use beneficial insects( ladybugs, green lacewings).
Aquaponic also uses 80 to 90% less water than tradtional farming making our practice more sustainable and ecofriendly.