Ambrosia Farm LLC
Contact: The Godsey Family
Address: 43859 E Arkansas Pl Bennett, CO, 80102
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Phone: 303-995-4586
About Us

In 2015 we had our flock certified NPIP (Avian Influenza) and salmonella free. This status is monitored by the state of Colorado and will be maintained hence forth.

We are providing farm fresh free range eggs from pasture raised birds. We started out with pet chickens...mostly "Americanas" that lived in the kid's playhouse in the front yard. On April 13,2012 we picked up my first batch of Heritage breed(old blood line) "Dominique" chickens. They lay beautiful tan eggs of an average size. The Speckled Sussex chicks (also Heritage breed) arrived on July 8th,2012, also laying light brown eggs. Both of these breeds are recovering from endangerment. I added a batch on "Red Star" chickens to the mix in on July 2, 2013, although not heritage breed birds, they are wonderful layers of darker brown eggs. I am now raising Black Copper Marans (currently on the endangered list). They lay eggs that are the color of chocolate with specks on them, and have plumage that is black with a very bright Copper overlay.

In the fall of 2015 my oldest son bought a flock of 75 18 month old production reds that had never been outside. Transforming them to free range birds has been a delight. They were just like little chicks exploring for the first time. They lay larger brown eggs that are delicious.

Back in 2012, I began working with Eastern Plains Natural Food to learn all things turkey. Then my first go with Heritage breed "Blue State" turkeys began on July 1st, 2012. These turkeys are also listed on the endangered species list. They are beautiful birds that fly, chase bugs, chase kids, and thrive on our prairie. My family has taken to "Turkey Walks" with the birds following us where ever we go. All my birds have free roam of my 35 acre farm located just south of Bennett, CO although I try to keep them on the 4 acres closest to the house for protection. All are raised without anitbiotics, hormones, or steriods and supplemented with feed that contains no animal by products. They are processed without preservatives using humane methods and air cooled and frozen in a USDA approved facility.

I am also milling goats milk soaps using milk from my Nubian goat's milk. These are made with milk and all natural ingredients. I experiment with herbs and natural colorants in my soaps so they are often entertaining. If you want something specific in a soap don't hesitate to email and let me know. I even have bars of soap that are wrapped in wool/alpaca fiber so they need no wash cloth! I am producing lotion bars and lip balm for the dry plains weather.

Black Sheep, Black Sheep, Have you any wool??? Remember the sheep you have counted at night for all those years? I have been collecting the wool and am now turning it into wonderful natural products. I use wool from sheep and other natural fibers from goats, rabbits, and alpacas to hand spin (yes on an old fashioned spinning wheel), hand dye and hand crochet, knit, and felt wonderful products. They make awesome gifts as well as personal use items.

I am very excited about my venture! Please let me know if you have suggestions or questions!
Naturally sustainable is our motto. I have my birds out whenever possible (usually all day long). I grow my veggies with help from my bird and horse droppings. Compost is a BIG part of my life. I treat all animals as my best friends. (This does get in the way when it comes to processing the birds).

Water for the garden comes from a pond that is located next to the house. There are fish that live in the pond and geese that visit the pond. It is accessible to all my animals. This also provides natural fertilization for the veggies I grow.

All my poultry are processed in a USDA certified facility using air chilled (not water) methods. They are vacuum sealed and flash frozen in a super cooled freezer. The giblets are packaged inside each bird to enhance your meal.