Luna Farm & Ranch
Contact: Bernadette Mills Luncsford
Address: 1765 Road 10 St Francis, KS, 67756
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Phone: 660-216-5763
About Us
Our family believes that changing the world begins at home. Health is the first wealth and better quality of life comes from rich foods high in nutrition. We cultivate Joy and Peace by growing in a way that mimics nature as much as possible to achieve nutrition dense food. We utilize Korean Natural Farming methods, Organic methods, and good stewardship practices so that our farm will be sustainable. We are learning more everyday, and as we learn we do better. We have been farming since 1999 and we were greatly blessed to acquire our current farm property in June 2019. Our family is excited to share the products we grow here with you!

Our Free Range hens are currently eating outdoor forage, traditional layer pellets, local non-gmo cracked corn, and kitchen scraps. We are currently searching for a replacement for the layer pellets that would give us the peace of mind knowing we aren't using soy for plant protein.

Our goats eat grass, hay, and are given Black Oil Sunflower seeds as a treat. Our rabbits eat pellets & hay. Our cows eat native grasses, locally grown forage, and also a little corn. All our Farm Fresh products are made with Love.
Korean Natural Farming, We utilize Organic growing methods for our vegetables, Rotational Grazing, Cover Crops, Crop Rotation, Composting and Tender loving care.