Back to Nature Farms
Contact: Joshua Cashman
Address: 2048B Gene Trail Rd Glen Elder , KS, 67446
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Phone: 785-545-6983
About Us
Back to Nature Farms is a full-scale farm to table operation that raises 100% pasture-raised meats and eggs. What makes us unique from large scale farms is our meat isn't sourced, it's our own. It comes from animals that are born and raised on our farm. We do this because we care, because raising animals is our passion and because - in order for us to sell meat with confidence - we need to know how the animals are raised, what they are fed, and whether they are given antibiotics and hormones. We make a point to ensure our animals are happy, healthy, and given plenty of room to roam. We enforce sustainability by utilizing regenerative agriculture methods. We partake in rotational grazing in order to revitalize our soil and better our environment. Our animals are frequently moved between paddocks with time between grazing built in for plant recovery. This process mimics the way that wild herds of bison moved across grasslands years ago.

Our Red and Black Angus beef is dry-aged for 21-28 days to infuse flavor and tenderness that is not found many places. Our cattle are 100% grass-fed and finished. Our Berkshire hogs are a heritage breed known for its amazing flavor and marbling. Our pasture-raised broilers and laying hens are on grass where they are moved through our managed pastures and cover crop fields, free to eat bugs, scratch, and do everything a chicken is naturally inclined to do. All of this makes for the most nutrient-dense meat and eggs.
The farm only administers antibiotics as needed in very rare cases for the animals’ well-being. If the animal has been given antibiotics, a notch is placed in its identification tag and it is culled from our meat program. No steroids, hormones, or by-products are ever given.