Roots Revival Farm LLC
Contact: Dan Brooks and Kelsey Mai
Address: 219 N Ferlen Ave. Sharon Springs, KS, 67758
Email Address:
Phone: 719-502-5261
About Us
We are a small vegetable and specialty crop farm located in Sharon Springs, Kansas. We are truly a small farm with production this year at less than one acre. Our main goal is to deliver the tastiest produce around. Around here, there aren’t a lot of options for fresh produce so we decided to be the ones to provide it. We have been growing veggies for quite a few years and decided we were comfortable with scaling things up. This spring we built a 20x36 greenhouse and put in two more 5,000 square foot gardens. If you ever happen to be in Sharon Spring on Saturdays you can stop by our farm stand on Main Street and say hi.
Our goal is to grow the most nutritiously dense food possible. We do this by going after flavor and robust soil. We believe that flavor corresponds with nutrient content. The more flavorful a vegetable is, the healthier it is for you to eat. First we balance the minerals in our soil using the Albrecht model and add in trace minerals to insure soil vitality for the plants to thrive in. Then we encourage the biological activity by using compost, compost teas, and always keeping the soil covered and moist. Next we strive to grow the most flavorful varieties and save the seed from the best tasting and healthiest plants to use next year. Finally we grow cover crops in between plantings to feed the soil and increase the organic matter.