Crown Cakes
Contact: Victoria K Johnson
Address: 9675 Arroya Ln Colorado Springs, CO, 80908
Email Address:
Phone: 719-495-5873
About Us
Early 2015, I had an overwhelming memory of a close family friend who for all intents and purposes was
like a sister. She was Italian and she and I spent a lot of time together. She died at an early age. The memory was of our time together living in Rome and of the Italian rum cakes that we shared. That memory was the start of Crown Cakes. I wanted to honor her and turn that memory into a family business. Looking for a name, I found a necklace in my mother’s jewelry that had an imprint of a crown on it. I felt it was a sign. I used the necklace as my first logo design and once the business was up and running, the crown was “modernized” to the current design. To continue the family theme was to include my father, who was a sailor – he named his sailboats Trident. I named my LLC as Trident Cake Enterprises.

Our first products were mini bundt rum cakes, a variety of flavors. We decided to go with gluten-free flour because at that time a lot of products that were gluten-free were dry, grainy, flavorless and we thought we could a better job. From that first product, we moved on to non-rum mini bundts and then to the current cakes with herbs. Our herb flavored ideas came from watching British baking shows while living in England and now through PBS. We believe we are the first in the Colorado Springs area to do this. Adding the herbs really elevates the original flavor of each cake. Through a “hit and miss” concept, we believe we nailed these unique taste sensations but we are always open to suggestions and new ideas. And now, we are working on bringing our original rum cakes back into production.

Crown Cakes also makes vegan bundt cakes, still gluten-free. For our indoor market we also produce an assortment of gluten-free vegan and meat mini pot pies, cheesecakes, cream puffs, cannoli’s, macarons and more. The rest, as they say, is history!
Crown Cakes uses all organic, non-GMO, no soy, gluten-free ingredients in all their products. Almost all of our ingredients are locally sourced; our gluten-free flour comes from a small business called Better Batter. We feel that their mixture makes for a lighter cake and the owner has become a mentor.